Our story

"They ascended the mountain as strangers and descended it as friends. Indeed, the remote heights of White Mountain Peak—with its ancient, gnarled trees resembling Tim Burton creatures—proved a fitting backdrop for the meeting of creative minds Romain Bouticourt and Patrick Ediger, introduced through mutual friends on that 2006 camping trip.

Recognizing their complementary skills, the French graphic designer and American interior designer established French American Wallpaper in 2009. [...] The firm has since caught the attention of homeowners and interior designers [...] with their irreverent and utterly of-the-moment patterns that cite influences like architecture, fashion and history. While a healthy amount of sparring occurs between the two—Ediger has a penchant for over-the-top aesthetics while Bouticourt prefers more minimalist styles—it’s all part of their process. “It’s not about who wins but about how we collaborate our perspectives,” Bouticourt says." — Luxe Interiors+Design (Fall 2010)

Patrick Ediger, Co-founder/Creative Director

Patrick Ediger brings a finely honed aesthetic as well as a sense of space and scale to bear in every project he takes on. Rooted in traditional design fundamentals, his eclectic modernism is informed by the lines of midcentury masters, softened with bohemian textures and palettes, and touched with an artistic intrigue.

The Nebraska native attended university as a theatre major, drawn to both directing and to set design, intrigued with the relationship between environment and performer. After graduation he worked creating custom wall finishes for clients, including Venetian plaster and intricate stencil work, before moving to Los Angeles in 2004. His experience as a project manager and then design lead propelled him to launch a successful wallpaper company, French American Wallpaper, and finally his own atelier in 2009.

Romain Bouticourt, Co-founder/Art Director

French born, graphic designer Romain Bouticourt grew up all over the world since he was 2 weeks old. With his unusual upbringing and European sensibilities, he brings a distinct sophistication to his work with the company.

In 2006, after arriving to Los Angeles from France to continue his studies in graphic design, he fell in love with the city’s distinctive lifestyle. 
Years later, Bouticourt then refined his expertise at a design firm in Paris on projects ranging from international luxury hotels to sprawling private residences. He now has moved back to the city of angels.

Experiencing these two iconic and dominant, yet paradoxically different cities, played a significant role in shaping his views, but Los Angeles is, and forever will be, his muse in life and art.