French American's new collaterals!

We're excited to show you our latest brand collaterals. These were pressed using an original Heidelberg press, on 236lb thick Savoy brilliant white paper stock. They turned out gorgeous!

Introducing Vertébré

Vertébré, is a unique, contemporary play on a classic. What do you see, Rorschach would wonder? 

Vertébré in bone on denim

Vertébré in bone on denim

Here is Vertébré installed in the powder room of a Los Angeles residence. 

Vert�br� wallpaper installed

The new French American!

Hi friends,

We have long awaited for this day, the launch of the nouveau French American Wallpaper. It's not just a redesigned website; it's a better brand, an improved product, a unique service. In fact it's an entirely new direction focused on what we thrive most on: bespoke wallpaper.

Los Angeles, a vast source of inspiration for us. 

Los Angeles, a vast source of inspiration for us. 

Browse our Collection page and enjoy our newest creations, the list is, of course, non-exhaustive. You may take a peek at our Photos under the Media tab and see current and former exciting projects of ours.

Welcome to the brand-new French American Wallpaper.

— Patrick & Romain